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Thank you for your letter of 16 March 2005 and the enclosed book titled The
Finest Hotels of the World.
It was very thoughtful of you and will be most useful. With kind regards and best wishes.

Yours sincerely
John Howard

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The Royal Palace, Stockholm - 08/04/2005

Their Royal Highnesses The Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Carl Philip and Princess Madeleine have asked me to convey to you Their most sincere gratitude for the beautiful book "The best hotels in Greece", of which They all received a copy. Your thoughtfulness was much appreciated and I am certain the books will come in handy.

Yours sincerely,
Anna Hesselbom
The Royal Palace, Stockholm

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Palacio de la Zarzuela - 08/04/2005

Estimado Senor:
En nombre de SS.AA.RR. las Infantas Dona Elena y Dona Cristina le agradezco sinceramente los ejemplares, especialmente editados, del libro "The Finest Hotels of the World. The Best of Greece", que ha tenido la gentileza de enviarles.
Reciba con este motivo un afectuoso saludo de Sus Altezas Reales, al que uno el mio muy cordial,


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Dear Sir,

You kindly send to the Prime Minister your organisation's book on the finest hotels and resorts of Greece. He wishes to thank you warmly.
He will be very pleased to leaf through this superb book.

Your faithfully,

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Prime Minister Ariel Sharon - 07/04/2005

Dear Mr. Sofios,

On behalf of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, we acknowledge receipt of your letter dated March 16, 2005, and the book which you enclosed, "The Best Hotels in Greece".

(Mrs.) Marit Danon
Personal Secretary
to the Prime Minister

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Thank you so much for the delightful book you kindly sent me presenting your range of luxury hotels throughout Greece. As your immediate neighbour we look with admiration at the outstanding facilities you offer, and as a country which will soon join you as a member state of the European Union, your achievements give us grounds for optimism that we too can turn to increasing touristic advantage the excellent natural and cultural resources with which Bulgaria is blessed.
I would of course like to sample with my family your 'finest hotels of the world', but I fear that with my present commitments at home in leading the government, that will have to wait a while. For the present I wish your company every success in the years ahead.

Simeon Saxe-Coburg

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Dear Mr. Sofios,

I have been asked to thank you for the copies of "The Finest Hotels of the World" which you have been kind enough to send the Royal Family.

Yours sincerely,
K. Brakstad
Assistant Private Secretary

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Palace of Monaco - 05/04/2005

Dear Mr. Sofios,

His Serene Highness Prince Albert asks me to reply to your letter of March 16th and to thank you for the luxurious brochure on "The Finest Hotels of the World".

With all my best regards,
Mireille VIALE

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Κύριε Γενικέ Διευθυντά της Finest Hotels of the World,

Ο Πρόεδρος της Δημοκρατίας σας ευχαριστεί θερμά για την αποστολή της έκδοσης «The Finest Hotels of the World».

Ο Διευθύνων το Ιδιαίτερο Γραφείο
Κωνσταντίνος Μπίκας

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Nicos & Tatiana Chrysotomou - 05/04/2005

Dear Mrs. Panagopoulou,

We will be delighted to accept your offer and we are looking forward to our visit!

Thank you for the assistance,
Nicos & Tatiana Chrysotomou

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