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  Imaret Hotel

Imaret is an intimate luxurious hospitality property, located within the homonymous historical monument.

Built in 1817 right in the middle of the historical district of Kavala, in northern Greece, Imaret is an unexpected oasis of tranquillity and superior service.

The monument is a rare example in Europe, a masterpiece of late Ottoman architecture.

The variety of decoration, the quality of the delicate structures, the interaction between indoors and open spaces and the adaptability of the functional structures, create an original complex of high aesthetic and cultural value.

Imaret is a member of the exclusive Historic Hotels of Europe!


Originally built in 1817 by Mohamed Ali Pasha, the founder of the Egyptian dynasty, the Imaret consisted of a series of inter-related buildings, including schools, a Mosque, a Hamam, administrative offices and the Imaret itself (Dining Facility). It quickly became a recognized center of learning throughout the Balkans, during the last phase of the Ottoman Empire.

Mohamed Ali Pasha the founder of the Egyptian dynasty of Fouats, donated Imaret to Kavala, the city of his birth.

The complex is crowning the hillside of Panagia, the city’s old district, offering stunning views to the sea and the surrounding hills. The building is considered to be an architectural delight blending the orient and western influences of the époque.

The restoration works were in full compliance with the cultural heritage of the monument and the distinctive architectural details. The project was under the supervision of archeologists and architects from both the Greek and the Egyptian Ministries of Culture.

After almost a century of neglect, the monument has been fully restored to become the first hotel operating within a historical building in Greece.

Mehmet Ali was born in Kavala in 1769, in a rather impressive house on the town’s peninsula. His childhood years remain difficult to follow as there are limited sources of information and many theories have seen the light of day. 

When Napoleon invaded Egypt, M. Ali joined the Ottoman army. He was soon promoted to high ranks due to his abilities and insatiable ambition. Henceforth his life belongs to Egypt.

The Mohamed Ali’s mansion, built between 1780-90 is among the distinctive monuments of the old town. It is a typical example of the so called ‘broad-fronted, two-floor traditional dwelling’ with a row or rooms leading to the main living area on the first floor and the amenities and a covered courtyard on the ground floor.

The Mohamed Ali’s mansion is one of the very few examples remaining in Greece that preserve the distinction between male and female quarters. Today totally restored houses the restaurant of Imaret Hotel.