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The resort complex ISO 22000 Certificated is situated within a private olive grove on the emerald beach of Agios Ioannis Peristeron which boasts a European blue flag award for its crystal clear waters. It consists of six buildings of Mediterranean architecture, all overlooking the beautiful coastline of Corfu and the colorful sub-tropical gardens. MARBELLA CORFU reveals luxurious and spacious accommodations combined with elegantly decorated restaurants, terraces, lounges and bars offering unique views of the Ionian Sea. The lush greenery along with the brand new cascade seawater swimming pool invite you to indulge in comfort and style. On the beach various water sports facilities await you next to idyllic area with olive trees and straw umbrellas, providing the perfect scenery for sport and relaxation.

Sightseeing Ever since the 60s, Corfu has become a favorite destination for jet setters and families alike. Around the town and along the northern coasts, tourist development has been growing steadily . The eclectic traveler is invited to discover the unspoiled, hidden sights, the age-old sounds and smells that have been hymned by Byron and render the island a small jewel of the Mediterranean. Discovering South Corfu The southern part of the island is, happily, known only to the lucky few. Just 4 kilometers past MARBELLA, the shady country road unwinds past the ruins of the medieval castle Gardiki, through centuries-old twisted olive trees leading to endless, stark sandy beaches escaping all tourist exploitation (Halikounas, Megas Horos, Agios Georgios, Prasoudi ) . In the neighborhood, Korissia Lake constitutes an extraordinary wetland featuring a variety of wildlife in scenery of sandhills, cedars, wild orchids (14 varieties!) and white lilies. The villages of the south (Chlomos, Agios Demetrios, Kato Spelaio, Boukari ) depending on fishing and olive oil production, have kept not only the picturesque architecture but the traditional way of life so that a visit becomes a rarely genuine experience. Panygyria , or village feasts, with traditional music and dance are held throughout the summer. At the southern cape Arkoudilas, the Panagia Monastery ruins, overwhelmed by the lush greenery, transfer the visitor to past times. Corfu Town The town is, without doubt, Greece's prettiest. The British, the French, but most importantly the Venetians, have left their glorious traces in public buildings, squares, churches and private residences. The romantic city centre, comparable only to Venice, invites you to walk through the tiny streets, explore the antique shops and stop for refreshments at the Liston-the promenade once reserved to the island's aristocratic families. Overlooking the magnificent central square (Spianada-Europe's second largest) with its cricket field, the Castello crowns the town with its imposing silhouette. Proud for its rich musical tradition, Corfu has the oldest Opera House in Greece, numerous music schools and hosts a wide variety of concerts. Museums and Monuments The island's major attraction has always been Achilleion, or Austrian Empress' Elizabeth's (Sissy's) Summer Palace named in honor of the famed Greek hero of the Trojan War, Achilleus, whose landmark statue stands proudly in the property gardens. Perched on a hill, just a five minute drive from MARBELLA, the neoclassical palace, surrounded by beautiful gardens with amazing view is the charming remnant of the world's last tragically romantic princess. The Archeological Museum exhibits impressive excavation finds such as segments from Diana's Doric temple, Menecrates lion and busts. The Byzantine Museum features an exquisite collection of icons and church vessels, the Antivouniotissa Museum keeps masterpieces of the post -byzantine Ionian school of painting and the Museum of Asian Art, housed in the Sts. George and Michael Palace, a sight in itself as seat of the British Consul. The National Gallery's Corfu Annex boasts an interesting collection of original prints by such artists as Toulouse- Lautrec, Picasso and Braque while the Benitses Sea World Museum (just a few minutes drive from MARBELLA), features shell, fish, corals and many other finds from the Ionian underwater. Ponticonissi, or Mouse Island is Corfu's trademark. Immortalized in the famous painting The Isle of the Dead by Swiss artist Boecklin, the tiny island is adorned by an 11th century Byzantine chapel. Surrounding Islands Paxos and Antipaxos, the famous little islands with the legendary turquoise waters just a few nautical miles south of Corfu. Mathraki, Ereikousa and Othonoi, three tiny uninhibited islands with rich vegetation and crystal clear waters, Greece's northwest boundary.
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