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Dionysos Authentic Resort & Village
Dionysos Authentic Resort & Village
Europe / Греция / Крит / Лассити / Сития
Тип: Studio/s Apartment/s
Aдрес : Analoukas, Sitia Crete 72300
Удобства: Медицинские услугиПокупкиЗобота о здоровье / КрасотеРазвлечения / АнимацияСтоянка для автомобилейБарКафе/ЗакусочнаяИнтернетПанорамный видСадPlay AreaВанная комната с ванной или душевой кабинойКондиционированиеРестораныБассейнФитнесс залСпортЦентр Подводного ПлаванияСаунаТеннисный КортВодные Виды СпортаРазвлечения для детей


Open: June 15 - September 15... "Dionysos Authentic Resort & Village" was our earnest desire to offer quality and originality in customer service. Professionalism, courtesy and respect for both environment and our visitors: these are core principles we abide by to provide a lively and carefree holiday setting.

Общая информация
Dionysos Authentic Resort & Village is a tourist company established by professionals and experts in the  fields essential to managing a tourist and vacation-oriented settlement. 

In the most beautiful area of the Mediterranean where the Minoic Civilization, the ancient European Culture, was born. In Greece, Crete, in the place where Zeus the mythic father of all Gods was born, Dionysos, the pearl of the Mediterranean, is located. In the North-East part of the Island of Crete, 10 km from the town of Sitia. In the area where crystal clear seas meet with the divine landscape. In the area where mother nature " delivered " the only of exceptional beauty self-grown palm forest in Europe. In the area where the Minoan culture was born and flourished carrying in the arms the the fabulous Minoan Palace of Zakros, ancient towns, worship temples, graves and museums.

Within this extraordinary landscape, at the edge of the shore, and a few minutes away from the Unique In The Whole World Archeological findings and the palm tree forest of Vai, Soe Club created the magnificent Greek Residential Village, " Dionysus ", The Pearl Of Mediterranean.

The Eastern part of Crete where Dionysos Village is located offers an 8 month extended period of summer conditions where average temperatures range from a low 20 degrees Celsius to a high 38 degrees Celsius mid-summer. The average temperatures from mid-November to mid-March vary from a low 10 degrees Celsius to a high 25 degrees Celsius mid-summer. The sun shines for over 300 days a year and the rain average counts just a few centimeters of rain per year. The location registers zero humidity.

These superb climatic conditions made Thoukidides, the Historian of ancient times, refer in his texts repeatedly on the delicious fruits, the purity of the agricultural products, the rich aroma of the thyme honey but also on the beneficial influence of the climate on the health of the inhabitants of Crete. Until our days, eastern Crete continues to preserve these rare advantages. It is one of the very few places in Europe, where the land and the seas are environmentally free of any contamination. In eastern Crete, there are clean sea waters, excellent sandy beaches, breathtaking rocky slopes, a rich variety of plants, animals and birds, which arouse the interest of those who love nature.

Crete, with its 5 seaports (Sitia, Ag. Nikolaos, Heraklion, Rethymno, Chania) connecting daily with Piraeus port, Athens, as well as all other islands of the Aegean Sea.

Crete, with its 3airports (Sitia, Heraklion, Chania). Daily connections with Athens and major European cities through charter flights.

Услуги для гостей
Colours reminiscent of the Minoan civilization blend harmoniously with the environment. The view from verandas and rooms opens up to the sea and the vast expanse of the Aegean. Pleasant alleys, colourful courtyards, friendly and informal housing areas, merge to foster the development of human relationships. All organised activities offered by Dionysos Authentic Resort & Village provide the setting for a varied and interesting social and cultural life. 
The shops, conference rooms, restaurants, swimming-pool, recreation areas, game courts, gym and playgrounds provide numerous entertainment options, and the magnificent sunset panorama over the Aegean is simply out of this world.
Each Dionysos Authentic Resort & Village apartment has its own distinct style. This characteristic, combined with top-flight architecture, resulted in Dionysos Greek Village being qualified as "Collectors’ value high-profile residences".
All apartments are equipped with:
  • air-conditioning (cooling/ heating)
  • television
  • fireplace
  • water heater
  • excellent heat & sound proofing
  • fire detection installation
Small, functional residences, ideal to accommodate a vacationing couple. They include a living-room cum a bedroom, and a bathroom. The small kitchen is equipped with sink, electric hotplate oven, cooker-hood and refrigerator. Moreover, the sizable verandas provide many options for development. The smallest property’s (main residence, verandas) surface area covers 20 m2.
Type Α Residencies
Lovely, user-friendly 2-room apartments. One bedroom with large closets. The small kitchen is fully equipped (sink, electric hotplates, oven, refrigerator and cooker-hood) with an adjoining dining area. The living-room is equipped with a fireplace. The verandas overlook the sea or the beautiful Dionysos Authentic Resort & Village gardens. The variety in dimensions and locations for such residences is extensive. The smallest property’s (main residence, verandas) surface area covers 35 m2.
Type B Residencies
Cosy 3-room apartments. The two bedrooms equipped with closets, the kitchen area, the neat living-room with its fireplace and large verandas convey a sense of absolute functionality. The smallest property’s (main residence, verandas) surface area covers 55 m2.
Type C Residencies
Lovely residences ideal for demanding owners. With at least three bedrooms with closets, a living-room with fireplace and functional kitchen area. They stand out for their good space-allocation and cosiness. The smallest property’s (main residence, verandas) surface area covers 95 m2.