Sea Garden Hotel & Village in Bodrum - Turkey
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Sea Garden Hotel & Village

The alliance of oriental magic, cool elegance and warm-hearted hospitality on the highest level has created a holiday destination with a character fully reflected by the enchanting atmosphere of the Sea Garden Hotel Immerse yourself in this unique environment, spoil yourself with a holiday at this breathtaking Hapimag establishment. Uncompromising five-star comfort throughout - in your room, on the terrace, at one of the bars. And make good use of the broad range of activities provided by the Sea Garden Village, too.
Please note that the Sea Garden Hotel is the only Hapimag holiday center that is open to the general public. Well-known international travel organizers - including Hapimag's own Hapitour travel agency - offer package tours to this destination; Hapitour will be delighted to put together an appropriate package for your friends and relatives at no cost to your points account.

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