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The Hotel has been offering 24 hours food and beverage service to his guests with the concept of “De Luxe All Inclusive” system.

The hotel establishing a distinct perspective towards the guest service with its well-trained and experienced staff, has been presenting  an integrated unconditional guest satisfaction-focused service perception, quality, friendship and comfort.

* At the main restaurant Cornelius; open buffet service is being offered during breakfast, late breakfast, lunch and dinner (child and diet buffets are available).

* To meet the special tastes of the guests,the hotel offers 4 A la Carte restaurants.

  • Florian Restaurant (International Cuisine) – for  60 persons
  • Hedera Restaurant  (Mediterranean Cuisine) – for 60 persons
  • Nazar Restaurant (Ottoman and Turkish Cuisines) – for 30 persons
  • Tai-Pen Restaurant (Far Eastern Cuisine) – for 50 persons.

* The A la Carte restaurants are free of charge and requires prior reservation.

* During the season, on certain days,  “Barbecue Party, Gala Night, Garden Party ” kind food and beverage activities are organized and offered to the guests without charge.

* There are 6 bars where you may have the pleasure of drinks.

  • Citrus Bar - Fresh fruit juices – Summer and Winter Seasons
  • Salmakis Disco&Bar - All domestic-foreign beverages – Summer Season (Amores for Winter Season)
  • Olea Bar - All domestic-foreign beverages – Summer Season
  • Solaris Beach Bar - Beer and soft beverages – Summer Season
  • Harmonia Bar - All domestic-foreign beverages – Summer and Winter Seasons
  • Daphne Bar - All domestic-foreign beverages and Snacks – Summer Season

* At the hotel you will find one bar open 24 hours. (during summer season Daphne Bar, winter season Harmonia Bar).

* At the rooms, there is a Minibar service (beer and soft beverages). The minibar is completed once a day between 10.00–16.00 hours.

* There is a room service (within menu) serving for 24 hours.

In more details...

Florian Restaurant

  • The Florian Restaurant with its most selective meals from the world cuisines and amazing atmosphere and high quality service call you for a romantic dinner...

Hedera Restaurant

  • Should you imagine having your breakfast by the pool ,accompanied by pine trees and the singing birds or should you wish to enrich Mediterranean nights with the Mediterranean meals, then the Hedera Restaurant is at your disposal.

The Nazar Restaurant

  • The richest variety of the world is found within Turkish cuisine.
  • Also the most popular meals of Turkish cuisine are available at our Nazar Restaurant.
  • The Nazar Restaurant with its service reminding of homelike atmosphere would even cause you to say “it is worth for being here”.

Tai-Pen Restaurant

  • Would you like to taste the most specific tastes and live the magic, mystery of far east  within romantic environment  of  Mediterranean ? Assuming that you would do so, there is always the Tai-Pen Restaurant for you.


  • Citrus is a bar of health where you would find a wide range of fresh fruit juices. Let us make you healthier.

Salmakis Disco&Bar

  • While the dancing and entertainment is soaring up to the peak due to the most popular music below the cascade, you would also enjoy the Cornelia’s nights.

Olea Bar

  • Would you like to drink a nice cocktail when sunbathing in your chaise longue or getting cool in the pool? Then, Olea Bar is waiting to serve you with its warm atmosphere.

Solaris Beach Bar

  • You are either on the hot sands or the magnificent quay above sea. The Solaris Beach Bar is right there, just by your side.

Harmonia Lobby Bar

  • Here, in the accompaniment of romantic piano sound, you can either drink your tea or let us offer you a very specific cocktail. The Harmonia Lobby Bar shall ever welcome you at any time during the day.

Daphne Bar

  • Daphne Bar & Restaurant offering 24 hours food and beverage service and functions as the center of the entertainment and activities as well. The life is very fast here, come on, join them.

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