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General Informations

The Sheraton Hotel & Convention Centre, was opened in 1991. In order to achieve the primary goal of keeping the standards high, the hotel management believes that the maintenance of the building, and having the latest technology at the hotel complements the personalized service rendered to the guests.

A major renovation took place at the Sheraton Hotel & Convention Centre, where all the towers Rooms, as well as the towers Lounge were completely refurbished in the year 2001. As planned, we have re-started with the renovation in February 2002 to finish all the remaining rooms at the hotel section. This phase of the renovation is also finished on May 15th, 2002.

The Hotel section Rooms will also be in compliance with the concept agreed on last year, which is to create a modern, yet very comfortable setting for the guests. The Rooms will be made more spacious by utilizing every single point in the Room, and by creative lighting, and by applying the right colours concept. 11 floors are remaining to be renovated, which is 188 Rooms in total. It has been decided to reduce the number of Rooms by 4, in order to have 4 additional suites at the lower floors as per the request of the guests.