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Cordially invite you to Spa Hotel Colossae Thermal, lying in the heart of a matchless historical and scenic open-air museum. A short walk from Hotel takes you directly to the unequalled Pamukkale Travertine's, a natural wonder basking in the sun and embraced by greenery and the blue sky. The thermal tradition which Colossae seeks to continue in a modern context was started by Hierapolis, an historical heritage for all mankind rising beside the travertine's. From here you can travel in three hours to magnificent Ephesus and the Holy Mother Mary, while the remarkable Aphrodisas is only an hour's drive aff.

Should be able to tear yourself away from Pamukkale, Antalya - the Turkish Riviera - is within reach, or Marmaris and Bodrum for a Blue Voyage. Colossae Thermal, the product of close teamwork, is Turkey's only 5-star spa hotel. Nestling in a peerless nook of the world's geography, it offers the services of an internationally experienced consulting doctor, masseur and health team, who bring to the guests the combined benefits of Anti-Stress, Slendering, Physical Therapy and Rheumatism Therapy, together with other health programs. In close cooperation with the famous Clarins Institute, Spa Hotel Colossae Thermal is also proud to offer programs in beauty, skincare and anti-aging. Come along, then. Take a few days off the healthy life in a jewel-like natural and historical setting, where you can fully enjoy Colossae hospitality.

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