Sungate Port Royal - Turkey - Antalya - Kemer

Luxury Hotel in Antalya

Taste a lifestyle

There are three main restaurant at where the most distinguished samples of the world are served. The tastes of different cultures and cuisines are served to the guests by their own traditional masters at 9 A la Carte Restaurants.

You can get acquainted with whole world beverages, experience magical mixtures and different tastes, taste all types of wine of Sungate's cellar at 18 Bars with different ambiancesand different designes spreaded over Sungate Territories.

  • 'Aegean ' Turkish -Greece restaurant: You will leave your tiredness with a live music and an enriched menu that offers different tastes of Turkish and Greece Cuisine.
  • 'Olivia ' Mediterranean Restaurant: You will taste the mediterranean with a fantastic menu in which you can find the tastes of Italian and Mediterranean Cuisines.
  • 'Cactus'Mexican restaurant :You will heat up with a ‘’ tequila ceremony ‘’ and a unique tastes of Mexica.
  • 'Kebap house': An ambiance that you can taste the Kebap, the gift of Turkish Cuisine to the world, with its original ceremony.
  • 'Mandarin' Fareastern Restaurant: Not only the tastes of vast Chenese Cuisine but also other two fareastern cuisines; Thaian and Endonesian foods, will make you feel a fertile culture.
  • 'Bonzai'Sushi Restaurant: Fantastic tastes from the empire where the sun never sets to the world; sushi, sashimi, miso soup and appetizers.
  • 'Fantasy' Continental restaurant : The international menu offers you a world of taste.
  • 'Casa'Freanch Restaurant : A live music feast with a magical tone of French, fondue varieties of French Cuisine, culture, art, esthetic and you...
  • 'Mermaid' Sea foods restaurant : They are adding a unique taste to endless fertile and beauty of mediterranean that you will never satiate.

Room Service
Sungate rooms are the residences at where the guests feel different pleasures.They are decided to get coloured this pleasure with delicious menu for 24 hours.

  • Beach Snack: An enriched menu composed of traditional turkish pastry varieties, salads and vegetable buffet, soap and snack varieties.
  • Fareastern Noodles Standards: Paste varieties prepared by traditional ‘’ Noodle Masters ‘’ with the standards designed with mystical fareastern architecture; a traditional service with vegetable, chicken, meat, fish and kinds of sauces.
  • Garden Cafe : Cookies, pastry varieties, ice-cream, cakes, tea and coffee service and nice talks that you share...
  • 'Veranda'Restaurant Dinner : A ceremony composed of sparkling stars and delicious menu, romantism and friendships; with a pleasantly warm mediterranean night.
  • 'Cocuk' Restaurant : Different varieties prepared for kids at special open buffets that fits to their unlimited imagination; to make them fantastic heros.
  • Kids Burger :Types of snacks, hamburger, cheese burger, chicken burger, chicken pane, hot dog, french fries and beverages; amusing and colourful.

Cooling Wings of Sungate Bars

  • 'Sawadee'Lobby Bar : With traditional Thaian service of all local and export beverages, tropical cocktails, wine, beer and soft drinks.
  • 'Lotos' Lobby Bar : With traditional Chenese service of all local and export beverages, tropical cocktails, wine, beer, soft drinks and green tea.
  • 'Despina' Amphitheatre : All local and export beverages, wine, beer and soft drinks are ready to accompany your laughters at amphi theatre.
  • 'Veranda Bar' : You will feel the othantic ambiance of the east; with water pipe, tea, coffee, soft drinks, aperatives and digestives at ‘’ east corner ‘’
  • 'Piano'Theatre Bar': All local and export drinks, beer, wine, soft drinks, tea, coffee; meeting point of De Luxe beverages,Puro car and beautiful musical notes.
  • 'View' Lobby Bar: Coffee and tea service next to Puro car in which local and export drinks, cocktails, wines, beer and soft drinks are ready to be served.
  • 'Billiards Bar' Game Lounge: Beer, soft drink varieties, tea and coffee; small victories, big laughters for gentlemen billiards lovers.
  • 'Chaos' Disco: A world where the music creates everything; time and space is chaos. Local and export alcholic drinks, wine, beer and soft drinks are elixir of life of this world.
  • 'Midnight' Night Club: Local and export drinks, wine and beer that enlightens the blue darkness of the night with its shine and the most beautiful guests of the night; you...
  • 'Beach Bar' :Standard local and export beverages, cocktails, wines, beer, soft drinks, tea and coffee service.
  • 'Strike' Bowling Bar: An ambiance that you can leave all your stress and drink beer, soft drink, tea and coffee.
  • 'Siesta'Lake Bar: All standard local and export beverages, cocktails, beer, wine and soft drinks are our offer; your feet and hands will be dancing in limpid waters at siesta times at when premium beverages and wines are served.
  • 'Lake'Pool Bar: All beverages are ready to take the coolness of the pool out.
  • 'Terrace' Pool Bar: Wine, beer, soft drinks, standard local and export alcholic beverages, twinkles...
  • Vitamin Bar : Fresh juices of Sungate Garden’ s fruits, Chinese Tea, tea, coffee, and soft drinks; a lots of energy to live Port Royal abundantly.
  • 'Mey' Wine House : Select local and export wine varieties are served with cheese and fruit.
  • 'Beach' Bar : Water and soft drink bars that will give service at two different places on the beach
Sungate Port Royal - Bars and Restaurants
Sungate Port Royal - Bars and Restaurants