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The world's second largest Spa is waiting for you
Rixos Sungate's
giant Spa Center covering 8000 m² is the holder of an unbreakable record not only with the vastness of its grounds but also with the variety of its services.
The Spa Center where Far Eastern specialists apply all kinds of massage techniques included in the international massage literature also covers the mystic massage and therapy methods scarcely known in Turkey and throughout the world.
Offering not only traditional health and care methods but also virtually all of the alternative therapeutic methods of the East to its guests requiring physical therapy and care, Rixos Sungate Spa Center boasts more than 40 applications.

New Care Methods Unique to Rixos Sungate

Ying & Young Body Massage With Reiki Initiation:
This massage is applied to the whole of the body by a specialist with the purpose of removing stress with harmonic and rhythmic movements. At the end of the massage, the aim is to make the person to re-discover his own skin and to love himself.

Chinese Toe Massage:
How would you like to have friendly Chinese specialists apply a relaxing massage from your chakra points to your face and head and then exhibit a magical dance with a ballerina's fingertips in a specially-prepared Chinese atmosphere?

Kohala Marmor Therapy Massage:
Are you ready to meet with specially-heated stones of 7 separate colors and aromatic oils to embrace your whole body in your 7 chakras?

Hualalai Oil Therapy:
In this massage constituting the most exotic application of the Pacific islands, the particular aromatic oil selected on the basis of the person's current mood is heated beside the person and then causes the muscles to relax in an unprecedented manner in the knowledgeable and soft hands of our therapist

Astrological Face Care:
The individual's zodiac element is established and a mask constituting of fresh fruits and vegetables in harmony with the said element is used to make the skin gain all active ingredients and vitamins.

Thai Herbal Pack - Thai Hot Steam Pack :
In this massage constituting Thailand 's most traditional heat therapy, small pouches made of cotton cloth including a mixture of therapeutic herbs are heated with steam and applied for one minute each on the required parts of the body.

Floating Bali Massage:
Dream of yourself lying on the floor of a floating raft while sipping real Chinese jasmine tea. Dream of yourself laying on your back while your therapist recreates the magic of your relaxed body accompanied by the aromas of the Far East and high quality music under stark while curtains fluttering in the cooling evening wind ...

Mauna Kea :
Thanks to the rich content of cacao particles, mineral salts, vitamins and anti-oxidants, the specialists aim to moisturize your skin and make it as smooth as velvet.

Honey Moon For Two :
Rediscover your honeymoon in a romantic atmosphere in special double suits accompanied by candle light and a soft music. After spreading the honey mask over the couple's bodies, the therapist then silently leaves the room to let them rest for half an hour. Afterwards, the couple is allowed in the Jacuzzi containing fresh flower leaves with the accompaniment of a glass of champagne.

A must for men :
Sweet Stimulus For Men:
The body is stimulated, is revived and refreshed with honey, coarsely-ground coffee and energetic massage movements. The enlivening light and aromatic odors are in the service of men wishing to stay young.

Oriental Body Peel :
A mast comprising of honey and sesame particles is applied by rubbing on those wishing to stay young and to have a moist and velvety skin. The dead laLocation of the skin is removed without irritating and thus the skin is allowed to nourish deeply.

Swedish Herbal Steam Bath:
The unequalled magic of the scent of linden leaves in a special Swedish steam bed penetrates the soul through respiration and the skin through its pores.

Tmc Paradise For Body:
The peeling with fresh seaweed extract serves to remove the dead laLocation of cells on the body. Then the skin is prepared by spreading the concentrate with intensive active ingredients all over. Fat-dissolving and cellulite-reducing ampules are applied by the therapist along with aromatic creams and special massage movements. The body feels like in heaven.

Fresh Laminaria Treatment
The breasts are enlivened thanks to the active ingredients of algodermia seaweeds serving to increase collection and elasticity. During this treatment, the stimulating and refreshing effects of the massage come together with the cell-rejuvenating properties of oceanic seaweeds.

Maneger Bath:
This bath is exclusively reserved for businessman who desreve a deep relax momont.Remineralization with Green Marine Bath salts, vitamins and stimulation with fresh seaweed extracts, relaxing with melissa and Lemon essansial oils and finally sensual with yılang yılang.

Beer Bath:
This is an experience unique to Port Royal Sungate Spa. A 20-minute bath in a very special, massif wood bathtub imported from China and filled with beer..

Watermass - Vakuum Massage :
A risk-free slimming massage thanks to the Palper-rouler vacuum massage technique as well as the slipperiness of water and aromatic oils.

In order to ensure that the oxygen therapy is risk-free and enjoyable, steam within capsules and heated water droplets are provided at your favorite temperature.

Special Packages in Sungate Spa :
The most beneficial programs for any individual are drawn up by considering criteria such as skin analysis, humidity, pH rate, acne and establishment of the age of skin, muscle mass and amount of water

Ra Body :
The skin's phototype is established in order to prepare the body for the sun. Thus the person is informed whether he needs solarium or not, and is prevented from being burned under the sun on the very first day.

Sunset Body:
This is a treatment eliminating the pain and tension caused by bodily burns after sun baths, moisturizing and protecting the skin and improving the bronze color.

Sungate Port Royal - Spa Centre
Sungate Port Royal - Spa Centre
Sungate Port Royal - Spa Centre
Sungate Port Royal - Spa Centre