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Like a giant dhow come to rest on land, the Conference Centre is a masterpiece of function and design. Set apart from the main hotel and served by an under -
ground carpark for 330 vehicles,  the Centre offers the highest standards of privacy and security. Imposing twin lobbies lead directly to the vast Ball- room. Elegantly curving stairways and elevators lead to the upper floor, where the Centre's features include eleven individual Meeting Rooms, Auditorium and fully-equipped theatre.

Private Banqueting & Meeting Facilities:

  • Main ballroom seating capacity up to 1100 people
  • Eight (8) Conference rooms
  • State-of-the-art-theatre, fully equipped with the latest audio-visual tools and facilities with 416 seats.

The Arabian seafaring theme at The Jumeirah Beach Hotel is dramatically portrayed in the stunning architectural form of the Conference & Banqueting Centre . It has been designed in the shape of a traditional dhow, an Arabic wooden boat. Externally, the teak cladding combines with glass panels to convey a sense of high technology and Arabic craftsmanship.

The Ballroom
The exquisitely designed Ballroom  at the Jumeirah Beach Conference Centre is large enough to seat up to 900 guests and can be divided into four separate rooms. It is a glamorous and elegant venue in which conferences, exhibitions, weddings and seminars of any size may be held.

To accommodate presentations, ballrooms 1 and 2 can simultaneously offer two screen projections using video data sources, making it an ideal place for large conferences, exhibitions or seminars. The versality incorporated into the ballroon's design, makes it ideal to hold conventions, art and commercial exhibitions, government and private conferences and traditional weddings to suit any culture.

To give you impeccable sound quality, each of the four ballrooms incorporates state of the art audio technology. A full range of sound system is available for amplification to suit speeches or orchestras. A 2 channel communication system between the ballroom and control room allows immediate adjustment for any special effects. Via touch-screen or headset, an array of computer controlled lighting rods bring dazzling displays to the ballroom. The Ballroom at The Jumeirah Beach Conference Centre is the ultimate venue for high-tech conferences and grand occasions.

The Auditorium
The Auditirium on the upper deck has a seating capacity of 416 persons. With full stage facilities for music and arts, it is also functions as a presentation theatre, complete with audio-visual facilities, multi-lingual simultaneous translation, audience participation microphones and an electronic voting system for conference and seminar delegates.

The voting system is provided in the forty-five seats located in the first two rows. No less than twenty-five microphones are linked to the system. In addition, there is a 6-digital congress network for the head table members and a monitor for the chairman.

Lighting effects on the stage are precise and dramatic. The stage is 12.5m wide, 11.85m deep and 6m high. It has twenty-four front lights and four rows of twelfe down lights, incorporating a dimming system in eight gradient stages. Three bass speakers and four high speakers facilitate orchestral audibility.

An AMX touch screen control system and intercom headset facilitates direct communication with technicians at the rear of the auditorium.

The Conference Rooms
This exclusive venue for business encounters of any size, comprises twelve individual conference rooms, each offering audio-visual facilities, and one boardroom equipped with a 'media wall', telephone lines and satellite TV links for international conferencing. The rooms are located in two rows which flank reception corridors on either side of the auditorium. If desired, they can be opened to the external walls. Even greater flexibility is offered by removable partitions between rooms, allowing purpose-built configurations ro suit all corporate or private business needs.

Facilities include a CRT back projector, linked to a state-of-the-art Picturetel video conference system, which enables delegates to contuct face conferences with others anywhere in the world. The 1.8 x 1.3 meter screen allows for dynamic visual clarity. The projector is cinnected to aProject VHS Video player which can also display data from a personal computer. The built-in sound system relays sound from the Picturetel system, the VHS or a computer. Additionally, the video conferencing system is built to enable projection of images into the auditorium or ballroom.

Outdoor Venues:
Jumeirah Beach Hotel offers a range of outdoor venues including the 3,800m² outdoor Events Arena which offers you to experience the scenic and expansive view of the Burj Al Arab, the Gulf and the stunning wave-shaped architecture of the hotel.

The Events Arena can accommodate 2,500 guests for a lavish cocktail reception or 1,500 for a seated function. Whatever your setup, you will surely feel the combination of nature and elegance tailored for your occasion.

Beachcomber Garden: Total area of 600m² and ideal for a barbeque for 150 delegates
Sunset Garden North:
Total area of 400m² and perfect for 120 guests
Sundeck Level 2:
850m² and ideal for any party of 200 guests with stunning views
North Beach:
Total area of 3,500m² and perfect for a beach party of 500 guests
Bar + Lounge: With views of the horizon, a great place for a cocktail reception for 150 guests

Floor Areas:

  • Conference area - 1,238m² on the First Floo.
  • Main Ballroom - 1,326m² on the Ground Floor.
  • Ballroom
  • Exhibition
  • Banqueting
  • Theatre and Stage
  • Modern Conference facilities
Ballroom and Banqueting:
  • Reception for 1,600 persons
  • Each section contains separate sound system
  • Four separate areas with full exhibition equipment
  • Motorised projection screens, projection and lighting bars for visual effects
Conference Facilities:
  • Infra-red Voting System
  • Equipped with a 416 seat Theatre
  • Audience participation microphones
  • Full stage facilities for music and arts
  • Multilingual Simultaneous Translation
  • Full audiovisual for Videos and Slide Projection

The Theatre is bordered on both sides by Reception corridors, which can be opened to the external walls or divided into 11 Meeting Rooms when required. A ‘Media Wall’ equipped with 3 international phone lines for international conferencing via TV link, is installed in one of the Rooms.


Room name
Area m2
U shape
1 Conference Room6.8052.78302018122512
2 Conference Rooms6.80102.78604030204020
3 Conference Rooms6.80152.78906054356040
4 Conference Rooms6.80202.781208072458060

Room name
Area m2
U shape
Ballroom 1&22036572065035080750500
Sun Lobby14117.5150 - - - 200 -
Ballroom 3 & 41736561255030065650400
Moon Lobby14117.5150 - - - 150 -
Ballroom 12018536030014060350250
Ballroom 22018536030014060350250
Ballroom 31718530625012045300200
Ballroom 41718530625012045300200

Room name
Area m2
U shape
Auditorium353571225416416 - - -