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The Elysium Hotel is a new 5 star deluxe beach front hotel with contemporary type architecture in 3 separate buildings:

Main building with 8 floors and an impressive atrium with 3 panoramic lifts and a large garden lagoon at the ground level. Two separate additional wings with 7 and 6 floors respectively.

Elysium hotel is distinguished by the elegant decoration and upgraded aesthetics in both public areas and the guestrooms.

Luxury, style and quality of service are the core values that make Elysium stand in a class entirely on its own.


The Myth behind the Name

According to Greek Mythology, Elysium was an ancient Greek paradise exclusively designated to heroes whom the gods had granted immortality. According to Homer, it was described as a land of perfect happiness.

In Elysium, the “chosen few” were allowed to retain their memories of their past lives. The environment was peaceful and joyous, the inhabitants were able to enjoy the pleasures they experienced when alive, such as hunting, sports, music and feasts.

The "selected few" were able to reside in Elysium for eternity. Some say that Elysium was even located on earth.

Several names were given to Elysium by Virgil in The Aeneid, such as "Land of joy", "The fortunate wood", and the “Home of the Blessed”.

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The Elysium Hotel enjoys a beach-front location with breathtaking sea view, next to the famous monument of Kalithea Springs, on the Rhodes-Kalithea Avenue.

The 400-meter long beach and the natural beauty of the surrounding area of the hotel are harmoniously combined offering the guests the chance to enjoy a luxurious life style.

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