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Thursday, February 22, 2024 5:48

Luxury Hotels Mykonos - Mykonos Theoxenia Hotel


"The plate" All you the Mediterranean in one dish.

The first sense to awake appetite is sight and the best place to sense this is at Mykonos Theoxenia hotel. The clean design and the chic luxury of this Boutique Hotel, along with the Mykonos’ sunset, become the most successful appetizers.

The sea view, from one of the best located deluxe hotels in Mykonos, is just as beautiful, either from the comfortable balcony, or the interior spaces of the restaurant, surrounded by glass frames. Taste, with your eyes closed, the gourmet Mediterranean gastronomy and definitely choose the right wine as well as the right company.

Dress Code: Long trousers for men and proper dresses, no shorts, no sandals.

“Breeze In” Cocktail Bar : Serving pre & post dinner drinks, selection of coffees, champagne and cigar corner. Colourful exclusive 60’s design furniture’s. “Breeze Out” Pool bar: Serving coffees, refreshments, cocktails, snacks, salads, pastas, grills and sandwiches. Contemporary white and wooden furniture’s.

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