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The Mas de la Fouque ()
The Mas de la Fouque
РестораныБассейнСпортЗалы для всреч и переговоровПокупкиРазвлечения / АнимацияБарВерховая ездаДжакузиМассажХаммамТеннисный КортВодные Виды Спорта

Open All Year... The Mas de la Fouque Hotel is an 8 acres property, set in the middle of a natural park and with a pond. The Hotel is a fine blend of local architecture and luxury in the heart of wilderness.

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The Mas de Peint ()
The Mas de Peint
РестораныБассейнЗалы для всреч и переговоровПрачечная & ХимчисткаВерховая ездаМассажВелосипед на Прокат

Open All Year (except January 10 - March 18 & November 19 - December 19)... The person who comes to help you round up the horses, as well as someone who comes to share a provencial meal in the kitchen or even to enjoy the time in one of eight Rooms and three Suites of the Mas de Peint.

Стоимость от: On Request