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Lingos Hotel ()
Lingos Hotel
РестораныЗалы для всреч и переговоровПрачечная & ХимчисткаМедицинские услугиКафе/Закусочная

Open All Year... Hotel Lingos is located at the centre of the magnificent town of Florina, at the G. Modi central square. Using it as a starting point, you can visit the natural beauties of the area, such as the peaceful lakes of Prespes.

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Philippion Hotel ()
Philippion Hotel
РестораныФитнесс залЗалы для всреч и переговоровСтоянка для автомобилейБарКафе/ЗакусочнаяИнтернет24 Ч Обслуживание КомнатыСадАвтобусная Станция в поблизостиДегустация Вина

Open All Year...Starting your tour at the city of Florina, you can continue by visiting the traditional villages around the area, exploring the nature arid the history. The exciting sightseeing will relax your eyes and indulge your senses...

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Prespa Wellness Resort ()
Prespa Wellness Resort

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